Okposi youth empowerment summitOkposi youth empowerment summit
(Mon - Sat)
Ikeja, Lagos.
Okposi youth empowerment summitOkposi youth empowerment summit

Why we created OYES

The Approach: 

1. Have a community support system: To start our first community empowerment summit in Okposi Community, Ebonyi State, Nigeria, we had identified different children and youths in the community who had different ideas and some who have the desire to learn new skills, but had nobody and nowhere to get the tools they needed to flourish.

The next of people we identified, are people we call grassroots facilitators – they live and work within the community, while others come from other cities, they have relevant skills to share with others, but they needed basic digital tools to share their knowledge with other youths, so we created Ökposi Youth Empowerment Summit as a platform for everyone to learn and for others to express their talents.

They were eager to be part of the development of their community. They know that the OYES platform is a huge resource that youths can use to create solutions to community problems rather than waste away their youthful days.

At OYES, we are motivated by the often overlooked creativity and ingenuity of kids and youths across grassroots communities in Okposi.

We believe that real empathy is understanding the abilities in you and to share those talents in a meaningful way to the world.

To learn how to translate your knowledge, skills, and passion into practical solutions for yourself and your community, Join us

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